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"....With men this is
impossible; but with God
all things are possibe."  

-Matthew 19:26, KJV
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Rain Downpour
Nature’s Treasures

The mountains,
The seas,
The sunshine,
And the breeze.

Snow flakes
Falling, falling
When winter comes calling.

Stretched across the sky.
What beauty
To the eye.

Bright colored leaves
Drifting down

Wild flowers
Paint the meadows gold
With colors bright
And bold.

Robins serenades
The day
As they hop around
In play.

Of deep blue
Gliding by

Silvery stars
Twinkling light
Shinning pure
And bright.

On my window pane.

Margaret Worley
United States
Autumn’s Grace

Pretty colors,
Falling leaves
To every eye
There’s something to please.

Golden sunrise,
Moonlit nights
Oh, what a wonderful

Frost on the pumpkins,
A blue jay’s voice ringing.
Leaves gliding softly to the ground.
That’s nature singing.

Squirrels gathering nuts,
Rabbits burying in the ground.
Nature is all

Days grow shorter
As we roam the country way.
Taking in the beauty
Of our day.

Fields of ripening grain
Harvest from the land.
Vegetables and fruit heaping high.
All comes from God’s hand.

Hay in the loft,
Grain in the bin,
Time to harvest thoughts
With a pen.

Margaret Worley
United States